First blog post

This is my very first blog ever.

I have been thinking about writing a blog, but never really understood the logic behind the whole writing and sharing thoughts. This blog is not about clothes, make-up or body showing, so if you are searching for that kind of content this is the wrong blog.

This spring on my flight ticket was written HEL. Flight to HEL some might say. This blog is about getting to know my lovely home city and it works also as an illustrated diary for me. But I have to admit that my iPhone has the worst camera ever. And since I am not the fan of Photoshop pictures, the quality of the photos is not always good.

Picture quality you can see from the Airbus A350 picture above. We had a great Aviation show in Hel, and the A350 flew over the Kaivopuisto. Beautiful! Thank you for Aviation museum for a great show!! More info:

I have professional and personal interest towards flying, especially towards airports, so I will add pictures from my airport visits and planes as well. Dream is to flight to the best airport of the whole world Changi Airport at Singapore. But the way is long, so is the runway. The part of the world where I live has a huge amount of registered airports and much more unregistered airports.

Next blog post will present one of the abandoned airfields in Northern Europe, do you guess which?



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